About us

The Eden Restaurant and Lounge, Ibiza, is an incredible location to live a unique dining experience.

We are a professional team with many years of experience in Spain, where our Chef Fran López has already received many prizes.

This summer we aim for offering an exquisite cuisine in Ibiza. Embedded within the Hacienda Na Xamena incredible location, the Eden Restaurant and Lounge has an outdoor dining terrace suspended on the coastal frontline, 180m high over the sea level, in the heart of a preserved natural park.

We are located in a spectacular and enchanting frame, and only a 30 minutes by car from Ibiza city.

When the weather is not favourable to dine al fresco, we propose to our diners to enjoy a covered area of the Hacienda Na Xamena resort.

The best background for an outstanding moment.


At the Eden Restaurant, every dish is the result of our passion for cooking: we search for the best ingredients and study the local cuisine, to elaborate and create new delicious meals.

We love food but we know it’s not all: for a perfect experience our visitors need a special place and a special team to serve them.

That is why we have chosen a great and styled place to serve our cuisine: in the North of the island our diners can admire the best side of nature: the turquoise blue sea, the dazzling sky, the wild cliffs and the unforgettable Ibiza sunsets.

Our team will make everything possible to make your experience unique!

Our objective is to offer our visitors a memorable experience which stands out from the other restaurants and eating propositions. The decor, the staff careful service and the dishes are all made to ensure guests discover the magnificence of living high-quality moments.

Every second of Life is worth to be lived at a natural rhythm and fully enjoyed.

Discover the relaxing and inspiring effect of our Restaurant.